Chloé Atelier des Fleurs

“Nature is a precious source of fragrant flowers and aromatic leaves. Drawing on this wide variety of natural bouquets, the House of Chloé has collaborated with renowned perfumers to create the Atelier des Fleurs line. This prestigious collection comprises nine perfumes for women, each with a unique signature rooted in the perfumer’s memory. The fragrances are designed to work in harmony in endless combinations.” A premium content factory for Chloe Atelier des Fleurs. Photographer & Director: Melanie & Ramon; Director of Photography: Cesar de Charme; Post-production film: Everest; Post-production print: Processus.



Tuberosa – Film



Verveine – Gif

Lavande – Gif

Hibiscus – Gif

Spring Bouquet

Spring Social Video

Spring Gifting Mood


Atelier des fleurs – Full range


Atelier des fleurs – Magnolia

Art of Wrapping

Jasmin - Gif

Rose - Gif

Mimosa - Gif

Bouquet - Spring

Bouquet - Summer

Bouquet - Winter

Neroli - Sidonie Lancesseur

Cedrus - Quentin Bisch

Mimosa - Amandine Clerc Marie